Technical Support

InnoAstra works as an extended team of internal IP counsels and law firms for their intellectual property administrative tasks including invoice management, time sheet entry, document formatting, and other such day-to-day operations. Our full-time team of paralegals work round-the-clock to deliver cost effective and time-efficient admin. services.

Patent Drafting

Writing a patent specification and claims around the novel feature of the invention which has an inventive step needs a very balanced and scientific approach. In a good patent draft, the description of the technical subject matter should be enabling and should disclose all necessary embodiments.

We boast of a dedicated team of patent drafters who have drafted 1000s of patent applications for Fortune 500 Corporates and leading global IP Law Firms. Our patent drafters, having sound background in a variety of technical domains, possess a doctorate and post-graduate qualifications in the fields of Chemistry, Bio-Technology, Genetics, Electrical & Electronics, Computer and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering to name a few. We assist clients to move from the intangible to the tangible and to put their ideas on paper.

Our Patent Drafting services include:

  • Conducting disclosure meetings with the inventors to comprehend the inventive concept and subject matter.
  • Drafting non-provisional and provisional specifications including the drawings to meet standards for filing in USPTO, EPO, JPO, PCT, India, and other countries.
  • Proofreading of patent application to ensure that the patent application protects the intended scope. Usually done to check grammar, technical adherence, enablement, claim structure, and language consistency.
Office Action Response

A comprehensive response to a non-final and final office action, received from various patent offices, requires technical, legal, and paralegal skills.

Our experts have an understanding of technical and legal rejections/objections raised by the examiner from the patent office. The response is developed by a skilled technical and legal expert who provides inputs and arguments based on the understanding of the technical aspects of the claimed invention and the cited prior arts along with the legal input by the attorney.

Office action responses are filed in specific formats. Using proprietary tools, we can support attorneys in creating response templates for easy use and to enable focus on the technical aspect of the response. We also assist with pending formalities, required drawing corrections, and coordinating with partners in other jurisdictions to review and submit the office actions.

The response is shared in a ready-to-file format which minimizes the time taken by local agents/ attorneys. We can work with rush requests and get on calls with attorneys for discussions and finalizing the responses. We have worked on more than 10000 Office Action Responses to date.

Patent Drawings

As a rule, the harder the invention to define, the more important it is that the IP drawings be simple, clear, and accurate.

Our skilled team of illustrators with an eye for detail and the right technical background can create utility and design patent drawings showing parts of a device, assembly, electric circuit, components of a system, flow chart of a process, views of structural appearance, whichever is claimed in a patent. The drawings are prepared in accordance with the different jurisdictional requirements ready for filing with the international patent offices including the USPTO, EPO, CHINA, ARIPO, IPO, South Korea, etc.

Clients can share with us the concept through rough sketches, photographs, product samples, references from the internet, etc. Our expert team, led by patent engineers with deep domain expertise will prepare comprehensive drawings with the aid of software such as autoCAD, Solid works, MS Visio, etc. Our team has expertise in the domains of mechanical & electrical engineering, biotechnology, high-tech, biomedical devices, and many more.

Carrying a collective experience of more than 35 years, our team has worked on more than 5000 drawings of various types.