Search & Analytics

Our wide range of patent search and analytics services cater to the unique needs of Fortune 500 companies and Leading law firms. Our search services portfolio comprises high-end services to cover every aspect of the patent life cycle. Our dedicated search teams constitute PhDs, Masters, and Patent Agents who work on all the major technical domains, offering a blend of technical and IP expertise. Our patent engineers are qualified patent agents who bring to the table extensive search and patent law knowledge to simplify patent life cycle management.

Knock-out Search

A knock-out search is a cost-efficient way to establish the novelty of an invention. A knock-out search browses through patent and non-patent databases to target the closest prior art with a quick turnaround time. This kind of search is conducted during the nascent ideation stage of an invention to help the inventor identify if their idea has potential or not.

The objective of a knock-out search is to identify red flags and aid the investor in mitigating roadblocks during their application process. This quick search generates a comprehensive report on the search concepts, focused keywords, and requisite fragments from patent and non-patent literature.

InnoAstra has a team of seasoned patent experts offering premium yet cost-effective knock-out search services that include document analysis from any jurisdiction detailing a clear representation of patent and non-patent database assessment. Our aim is to assist our clients in avoiding any direct or indirect hindrances and innovate further by blueprinting their invention around/above the existing prior arts. This way, we ensure that our clients have strong novelty features in their inventions and superior patent applications backed by an assessment of literature, including articles, blogs, forums, reports, journals, and other such databases.

We enable universities, their spin-offs, and the Research and Development teams of innovation-steered corporates to screen a bulk of inventions and reduce the total number of invention disclosures impacting the next stages of the patent life cycle by a significant 70-75%. InnoAstra uses established practices and carefully curated techniques to deliver the most accurate reports in a financially sound and timely manner.

Patentability Search

Patentability search helps in determining whether an invention meets the requirements of being novel, non-obvious, and usable. This way, as an inventor, you can confidently proceed to the patent drafting and prosecution stage as it emphasizes the uniqueness of your invention by uncovering the closest prior arts.

InnoAstra offers premium Patentability search services through its diverse team of domain experts. We follow a robust search methodology to produce relevant results and successful patent applications. Our team performs an in-depth search of patent and non-patent global literature to provide accurate search reports for efficient patent application drafting and prosecution.

With our patentability search services, we enable innovators to save significant costs and time by minimizing unwanted obstacles at the patent drafting and filing stages. Our 3-step patentability search starts with the submission of a predefined form by the client for information disclosure on the invention. Then, our technical team identifies every minute aspect of the client’s invention and uses such information as the foundation of the search. Finally, the search report is thoroughly reviewed by our subject matter expert and delivered in a user-friendly PDF format.

Invalidity Search

An invalidity search or otherwise known as a patent validity search is a post-examination search that focuses on identifying the prior art that may question the novelty and non-obviousness of an invention.

A thorough assessment of patent and non-patent literature of prior art that predates the invention is conducted in order to validate the claims of one’s patent. A negative outcome of the invalidity search depicts that no prior arts were neglected, and the patent has novelty, non-obviousness, and usability.

We also perform comprehensive invalidation searches unremitted by jurisdictions or timelines. We invoke multiple grounds for invalidation of a claim such as anticipation by prior publication or claiming, obviousness of a product/process, insufficient disclosures (unsupported claims), enablement (weak specification), file wrapper study of patent family, and other such parameters based on the focused jurisdiction.

Competitor & Technology Watch

Competitor Watch enables an inventor to monitor the patent activities of their competitor(s). It includes tracking of recently granted patents, published patent applications, transfer of technology (buying or selling of a patent), the latest patent filing trends, and publication trends.

This way, inventors can promptly decide if they have potential challenges to their innovation and business operations. Based on this watch, the inventor can file for pre-grant opposition, post-grant opposition, invalidation of a patent, or in-licensing.

InnoAstra offers tailor-fit competitor and technology watch services globally through its large network of engineers, patent agents, and associates. Our services cover even the toughest of jurisdictions that pose numerous challenges in availing the legal status data of intellectual property.

Our team of paralegals is trained and experienced in analyzing transaction history and file wrappers to produce comprehensive event summaries during the monitoring period. Our services include monthly, quarterly, or half-year competitor watch reports customized as per the client’s requirements.

FTO Search

An FTO search or Freedom to Operate search enables an inventor to identify if their product or process is infringing upon an existing patent. The search can be performed in any jurisdiction where there is a risk of patent infringement by the inventor. With an FTO search, the product/process owner can make informed business decisions before reaching out to their potential market base.

InnoAstra provides high-quality FTO search reports along with the legal status of the patents so that the clients are aware of the expired patents in the public domain. Such patents serve as prior arts and therefore, as protection from infringement. Additionally, our search experts ensure that the FTO assessment is performed on active patents and applications. Any additional screening is performed on the title/abstract/claims to mitigate the risk of infringement at the time of market launch.

We deliver detailed FTO reports in the form of color-coded claim charts that map independent claims of each shortlisted patent/application to the client’s product or process. This enables our clients to identify any plausible infringement and commercialize their product or process appropriately in their target geographies without risking litigation.

Infringement Search

Infringement is any act of selling, manufacturing, or using a patent without the consent or license of the patent holder. In order to find out any such act of infringement, a patent owner can perform a patent infringement search and identify if their exclusive rights over the patent are violated. It involves searching for any product or process that is infringing upon the patent holder’s claims.

InnoAstra’s patent infringement search services go beyond literal infringement as our search methodology uses a holistic approach. Assessment of literal infringement is limited to identifying if all the elements of the patent claim are present in the searched products or processes. However, our approach further includes an expansive search to identify if the infringed device performs identical or similar functions or works in the same manner to obtain the same results.

With this methodology, our infringement search involves a 2-layer process to accurately identify the infringer. Our search is conducted based on an extensive list of databases including patent databases, product brochures, datasheets, catalogs, white papers, etc. Thereafter, our detailed reports are shared in the form of color-coded claims charts that are comprehensible and presentable.

Landscape Analysis

Patent landscape analysis or patent mapping is a technique to analyze the vast pool of patent data to reveal valuable insights into technology and business. Such analysis provides an extensive understanding of the focused technology domains concerning key patents/technology and business opportunities.

It comprises different technical recommendations and supporting assessments based on which corporations, universities, startups, etc., can mine crucial technology, legal, and product development insights.

InnoAstra’s team of patent engineers, agents, R&D experts, and associates offers patent landscape analysis services based on their market knowledge and technical expertise in IP life cycle management. We derive relevant intelligence to help our clients determine the novelty of their innovation, avert duplicity in innovation, and avoid litigation.

We employ graphical tools such as Assignee/Inventor Analysis, Trend Analysis, Classification Analysis, Citation Analysis, etc., alongside our robust methodology to prime landscape analysis services. Further, our problem-solution matrix enables us to unearth whitespaces in a technology landscape. We provide round-the-clock support to help our clients achieve their objectives unfailingly. Our landscape analysis reports are in the form of personalized reports with dynamic generation and customization of graphs for in-depth analysis and seamless decision-making.

Trademark Comprehensive Search

There is an extremely thin line between success and failure, especially when it comes to choosing a name for a business or brand. A business’s brand name, logo, tagline, label, letter, etc., can be its Trademark, and before finalizing this key aspect of the business’s goodwill, it is critical to perform a comprehensive Trademark search.

A comprehensive Trademark search assesses the prospects of a proposed trademark successfully obtaining registration in a jurisdiction. Under this search, the existing marks are examined to rule out any similar or identical marks. It also helps in establishing the uniqueness and distinctiveness of a mark, which may otherwise be overlooked by an untrained or inexperienced eye.

InnoAstra conducts comprehensive trademark searches by carefully examining the national trademarks registry and numerous paid/non-paid databases. Our team of trademark experts conducts an exhaustive analysis of such databases to yield accurate results and prepare detailed search reports with or without an opinion letter from a seasoned attorney analyzing such results.

Trademark Monitoring and Watch Services

Trademark watch involves monitoring similar/identical trademarks or potentially infringing marks that are registered or are in the process of registration by third parties. Trademark watch allows trademark owners to identify potential infringers of their mark promptly by keeping track of national trademark offices. Since time is of utmost importance in infringement matters, the earlier such marks are discovered, the more cost-effective and simpler it is for brands.

There are stringent deadlines for filing a notice of opposition in case of infringement, and brand owners need to vigilantly identify such marks and take necessary legal action. Our support team of experienced paralegals keeps a diligent track of such infringing marks and provides tailored monitoring support to clients.

InnoAstra offers customized trademark watch and monitoring services to provide accurate market insights and result reports to trademark owners. With our global solutions, we serve as niche partners to our clients and help them take timely preventive actions in their infringement matters, saving them cost, time, and resources.