Portfolio Management

InnoAstra works as an extended team of internal IP counsels and law firms for their intellectual property administrative tasks including invoice management, time sheet entry, document formatting, and other such day-to-day operations. Our full-time team of paralegals work round-the-clock to deliver cost effective and time-efficient admin. services.

Data Verification


Given the sensitivity of the information, owner’s rights, and legal stakes involved, the accuracy and consistency of IP data are paramount. Since such data is accessed, used, and transmitted by multiple people in different ways, the accuracy of the data gets compromised over time. Inaccuracy in critical data such as filing information, bibliographic information, priority details, and maintenance details can lead to loss of rights.

Standard practices call for period data verification to ensure that the sanctity of the IP data remains unharmed. Keeping this in mind, our paralegals leverage automation and blend it with their expertise to check the accuracy of the data based on the available sources across different PTOs.
We have successfully handled various small and large data verification projects with corporations and law firms. We have a semi-automated data verification process for 100% accuracy in patents, design, and trademark data verification. Where there is any dearth of publicly accessible data, our team employs the aid of our global agent network for data verification.

IP Recordals


Changes in ownership due to mergers or acquisition of IP assets involve complex documentation that needs to be properly chronicled. It can be tedious for internal teams and attorneys to keep such records updated with different jurisdictions while also protecting the legal rights of the IP owners.
Our IP team along with our strong agent network makes this process seamless and cost-effective for our clients. We know what documentation and associated fees are required for various jurisdictions and can provide you with a cost estimate to be factored while considering the project. Our team can provide you with a realistic timeline for the completion of recordals which can assist your management to make informed decisions.

Digitization & Migration

IP portfolio management involves large volumes of document intake. It requires careful data digitization and migration of paper records to ensure efficiency and consistency during the entire IP life cycle.
Our team offers support for scanning intake documents for portfolio management, acquisition, or migration to a new platform/IP management system. Our experts work on large quantities of documents for their digitization and migration to secure files under one central archive. We aid our clients in managing their data more proficiently and making all the digitized and migrated data easily accessible for their teams.

File Opening

Data management during portfolio intakes or migration can be time-consuming and laborious. It can increase the burden of the IP Teams taking away their productive hours.
Our experienced paralegals have worked on various docketing systems and are well versed with matter opening requirements. We create our clients’ IP matters in the IPMS at the time of new matter intake by creating corresponding files and entering the pre-filing details priority data and bibliographic information.

Trademark Portfolio Reports

Updates on the IP assets owned by a firm/individual may be required to be shared with the clients periodically. Our team can aid in working on such portfolio updates.
Trademark portfolio reports include details like the filing date, office action response due date, registration information, maintenance, and renewal dates.
Our team keeps you informed on your trademark portfolio status by providing you with timely updates. The portfolio updates include information on US, international, and individual country registrations. We enable our clients to efficiently leverage their IP by supplying them with insights into their global position and timelines.

Special Projects


Every IP team and professional has come across a situation where they must work on some projects which are not regular and are not part of their day-to-day activities. These projects could be very important for the attorney or the client, but the IP team does not have spare resources or time to undertake these projects as they all are caught up with their regular docketing and paralegal activities.

We understand these needs and have a dedicated team to assist you with all your special projects, ensuring there is no impact on your regular day-to-day activities. Our team has undertaken varied types of projects like:



File history

Docketing system migration support

Patent file
wrapper review

Holiday coverage and backlog