Legal Administrative Assistance For A Prominent US Law Firm

Client Overview

In need of prompt support, a leading US-based Law Firm sought assistance to address the sudden attrition within its ranks.


The firm, initially structured with eight attorneys supported by three paralegals, faced a predicament when two paralegals departed abruptly, leaving a void. Despite a four-month notice period, finding suitable replacements proved challenging. Consequently, the remaining paralegal was overwhelmed, leading to a chaotic administrative setup with neglected tasks. Recognizing the urgency, one of the firm’s partners approached InnoAstra for virtual paralegal assistance, seeking immediate relief for both the backlog and ongoing tasks.


Responding swiftly, InnoAstra deployed a two-member team, comprising experienced IP Support executives familiar with law firm dynamics. One team member tackled the backlog, while the other addressed current tasks. Initially perceived as a formidable challenge, InnoAstra navigated through the situation systematically, leveraging its expertise. Upon completion of the backlog, one team member was withdrawn.

Collaboration Evolution

Regular monthly calls facilitated introductions to other firm partners, enabling InnoAstra to showcase its comprehensive service offerings. Adapting to the unique needs of each attorney, InnoAstra customized its existing processes. Over the five-year partnership, the firm has entrusted InnoAstra with Docketing, IDS, Proofreading, Response Shells, Post-Allowance reviews, and general administrative assistance.