IP Docketing

InnoAstra works as an extended team of internal IP counsels and law firms for their intellectual property administrative tasks including invoice management, time sheet entry, document formatting, and other such day-to-day operations. Our full-time team of paralegals work round-the-clock to deliver cost effective and time-efficient admin. services.


The process of recording and maintaining deadlines is the most critical and often tedious element of IP prosecution. Our trained team supports both corporate and law firm clients in creating, updating, and managing IP dockets. Our experts hold extensive knowledge of the US and Non-US prosecution and are well-versed with all the major docketing platforms.
We employ an efficacious quality control system and carry out judicious PTO audits to ensure 100% accuracy.

Our Value Proposition

Notifications from PTOs are processed within a 24-hour deadline. Non-PTO alerts are docketed with a 48 to 72-hour deadline.

All email notifications are classified based on the severity of the matter and docketed on priority to ensure timely compliance.

InnoAstra’s docketing team is meticulously trained and updated on the legal and regulatory changes.

A dedicated transition team ensures that all processes are carefully mapped and tested before implementation and drives focus on continual improvement.