Administrative Support

InnoAstra works as an extended team of internal IP counsels and law firms for their intellectual property administrative tasks including invoice management, time sheet entry, document formatting, and other such day-to-day operations. Our full-time team of paralegals work round-the-clock to deliver cost effective and time-efficient admin. services.

Time Sheet Entry

As a part of the invoicing process, details such as the tasks assigned to attorneys, assignment dates, and time of such tasks need to be closely tracked. These details are used by law firms and attorneys to calculate their billing hours and generate invoices for clients.

Since different attorneys/law firms engaged in the same matter may have different work time zones and rates, such information must be accurate. Innoastra provides administrative services for the maintenance of attorney timesheets by filling up the details of the tasks performed by the attorney/outside counsel, attorney code, client number, date of assignment and completion of tasks, and time taken for such completion.

Reference Entry

A master reference list serves as an easily accessible source for all the cited references at different stages of IP management. Our paralegals maintain a central reference repository for our clients by constantly entering new references either in the client database or an excel. Such references are identified from newly issued office actions, search reports and examination reports of the counterpart applications.

Our team refers to different sources for NPLs such as journals, scientific publications, and other published databases. We also offer English translations of non-English art and keep it up to date for quick access. Our experts review each IDS filed in an application to identify any citation and make accurate reference entries with details such as the author, title, date, and source.

Document Formatting

Updating and formatting documents, especially agreements such as Non-Disclosure Agreements, Service Level Agreements, Vendor Agreements, Annexures, and the like, can be a complicated and time-consuming task. It requires careful consideration of the information of all the parties included and other critical details.

We offer ongoing document formatting services for complicated agreements, cover pages, and excel spreadsheets to ensure consistency in all the information and formats such as fonts, spacing, margins, and index. Our experts adhere to the prescribed deadlines, reduce document finalization time, and eliminate any other structural errors. Our document formatting services include the following:

Formatting Word Document: Word documents oftentimes require adjustments to headers and footers, page orientation, page size, margins, alignment, line spacing, character spacing, indents, bullets and numbering, document styles (Title, Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.), font, font size, colors, highlights, text wrapping, text boxes, print settings, etc. We concentrate on all such aspects of the formatting and ensure uniformity throughout the document. We also insert dynamic charts, tables, and graphs as per the client’s requirements, keeping the sanctity and meaning of the document intact.

Excel Spreadsheets: Excel may require corrections to the name of the worksheet, heading for sheets, headers and footers, cell borders, exclusion of additional rows and columns, column width and row height, text color, alignment, cell shading, conditional formatting, etc. Our admin. staff scrutinize all such formatting parameters and adhere to the client’s style/legal guidelines. We also double-check formulae, the range of data set, date formats, print areas, etc.

Redacting Agreements

Data protection has become an integral part of document management. A single instance of a data breach can cost exorbitantly to a business or law firm, leading to not only the loss of data but also reputation and clientele. Redaction is one way to ensure data protection as it removes key segments of information from a document, without affecting its overall meaning.

The process is also known as document sanitization as it removes or blacks out any sensitive information from a document. It allows the parties to easily use and distribute the documents without compromising the confidentiality of the information.

We offer document/agreement redaction services to help you configure which information to redact and which to retain. We treat each document carefully and securely to block out any vulnerable data while leaving the essential details and clauses intact. Our experts generate redacted versions of any agreements, saving internal legal teams and law firms valuable billable hours and resources.

Internet Search

Our legal admin. team searches for information on the internet for a given topic/event and provides a report in the client’s prescribed format.


Our team of legal admin. can assist with the conversion of audio/video files, legal tapes, online sessions, virtual meetings, and other digital records to text files. Our team will listen to the digital file and type out the content or proofread transcript files for optimum accuracy of information.

Invoice & Spend Management

Our invoice management and spend analysis services include the following:
Collection and management of the agent invoices from your mailbox, Updating information on the invoicing module of docketing platform, Validating the invoice amount from the fee schedules and notifying the discrepancies (if any).

Our invoice management and spend analysis services can be availed for one-time project or recurring requirements. We work closely with our clients to gauge their requirements and manage their IP spending cautiously. Our experts prepare customized reports monthly to assist our clients to forecast their day-to-day expenses seamlessly.